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Online Childbirth Education Courses

6 min read | 30 March 2020

In the lead up to bringing a baby into the world, we understand that new parents have many questions regarding their visit to the hospital, their birth and what to do when they are home.

Some of the unknowns are what are my birthing choices? What stage in labour do I go to the hospital? How do I set up my home for a baby? And how does my partner prepare for the birth?

With many childbirth education classes being cancelled, we want you to feel confident that the journey into parenthood doesn’t have to be daunting, and you certainly don’t need to be without vital education and information while you are at home.

As a way of guiding new parents into their birthing journey, we have compiled a list of online birth classes and resources that can currently be signed up to, viewed and read from the comfort of your home.

It is important to note that these classes and resources present different options and views on how to make your lead up to birth calmer and less daunting and no one way is the right way. We encourage you to research and choose your classes based on your preferences, choices and beliefs.

Purebaby Educational Webinars

Our Nesting Workshops have now moved to webinars. These are a one-hour session taking you through your hospital checklist, swaddling demonstrations, bath time rituals and essentials, as well as how to prepare a cot safely for sleep.

We have added some webinar dates to our calendar, so visit the nesting workshop page of our website to register. They are free of charge to attend.

Calm Birth Online

Calm Birth classes are a wonderful addition to any hospital childbirth education. In the classes, they cover the follow topics:

  • Relaxation and breathing

  • Techniques for managing pain

  • Practical tools for your partner

  • Massage

Calm Birth Workshops are now offering their classes via a zoom conference call, so you can still enjoy birth education from at home on the couch.

About Birth Online

If your preference is to digest your childbirth education in your own time, About Birth Online offers a 6-part antenatal online course that can be watched and enjoyed in your own time.

Their content is brought to you by childbirth educators, healthcare experts and parents who have travelled the journey themselves.

The 6 modules cover the following:

  • The Birth Process

  • Creating A Positive Birth Experience

  • Practical Tools and Tips

  • When Things Don’t go According To Plan

  • Baby’s Arrived – Now What?

  • Looking For More

Their modules contain easy to follow videos and downloadable resources. To sign up and get started, click here.

Epworth Maternity Mobile Midwife

Epworth’s maternal health nurses have brought together decades of clinical knowledge and hands-on experience in a series of videos to aid new parents on their journey.

Mobile Midwife is broken down into:

  • When you’re pregnant

  • After Childbirth

  • Caring for your new bub

These videos are available on demand at any time from the Epworth Maternity Mobile Midwife Website. 

Epworth Mobile Midwife

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

If you are after the support and advice of a midwife either during your pregnancy or after your baby is born, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby have an advice hotline. You can call or video chat with a maternal health nurse by dialling 1800 882 436 anytime.

Tiny Hearts Education

Tiny hearts education offer paediatric first aid and birth education to parents all over Australia. They have also now launched an online face-to-face birthing course in Melbourne. You can find out more about it here.

Antenatal Classes with Midwife Cath

Midwife Cath is an experiences sleep consultant, nurse and midwife who has been offering new parents advice and information in the lead up to birth for many many years.

She has just launched a series of webinar antenatal classes that you can join into for free. During the classes she assists you in preparing for birth and labour, and the care of your baby.

Visit Tummy Talks to sign up and register for the webinars.

Some additional tips:
  • Short, daily meditation practice can ease some of the stress associated with bringing a baby into these uncertain times. We recommend 1-5 minutes of mindful breathing each day.

  • Visit the website of your chosen birthing hospital or birthing location to check for updates on virtual tours or online information which may be useful.

  • Connect with pregnant friends or acquaintances via chat apps or text message, to share your pregnancy journey and ask questions of one another.

For more great information about everything from childbirth to parenting, read the Purebaby Journal now or book into one of our Education webinars.

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