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Four To Six Month Old Baby Milestones

5 min read | 02 September 2019

You have watched their appearance change each day; their eyes open and close; and the sweet recognition of you dance across their little face. Some critical milestones have unfolded before you.

Growing so quickly now—they’re most likely rolling from back to tummy and back again. Reaching for toys close by, they’re interested in everything. You have learnt to read their noises and they’re generally happy now, when they’re not hungry or tired. They’re starting to understand their world one mouthful at a time, every object baptised in saliva and gloriously explored with their little wet mouth.

You have acquired the artful dance of the ‘rock’, you may no longer be carving up dance floors with your funky moves, but you have certainly mastered the sweet calm of a slow sway, the power of the pat and soft sounds. This little person is now listening to all you say and responds when you speak to them. Don’t be disappointed if ‘mama’ is not the first word, ‘da-da‘ is an easier sound for beginners. By this stage your baby is also beginning to mimic facial expressions, making different sounds to express their feelings and responses to a situation.

4-6 Month Old Milestones Diagram

On the food front, these little ones are now showing interest, beginning to eat cereals and pureed foods. The sight of the spoon prompts an open mouth- ‘taste’ a sensation they want to experience. Any food tried at this stage should be smooth, strained, pureed or mashed to ensure the texture is right. This is a time of ‘new’, so many experts recommend that anything you introduce at this stage is sampled solo—allowing three to five days to trial—to ensure your child is not allergic before moving onto another. Milder vegetables are always a favourite starter. Sweet potato or carrots are great options before introducing slightly stronger flavours of ‘green’ like peas and string beans.

Get ready for mashed banana to be your new daily accessory. Delicious, finely mashed bananas are often a favourite of new babies and rest assured you will become accustomed to the daily shoulder adornment of a sweetly flung run-away.

There is no denying it, the last months have been hard work. Despite this, you’ve done it. You know that consistently showing your little one how much you love them through comfort and care forges a bond that is precious—you can feel it getting stronger each day. Look how much your little one has learnt and changed in just four months, in fact you both have, together.

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