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Why Choose Organic Cotton For Your Baby?

4 min read | 02 September 2019

Every day you, and your children, are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins found in common place items such as clothes. However, by making the choice to support sustainable and ecological practices, you can help nurture and build a safer, healthier world for your children to grow up in. That’s why, at Purebaby, we choose organic cotton.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, using methods and materials that have a low environmental impact. The pure, soft fibres allow your little one’s sensitive skin to breathe naturally. In addition, by crafting our garments from organic cotton we also support sustainable farming practices, which reduces environmental contamination, thereby increasing the quality of our health.

Why choose organic cotton clothing?

The health of our planet depends on us treading lightly with awareness and care. As parents, we are faced with many questions and decisions about the life we want to create for our children. Every day, our children are exposed to chemicals and harmful toxins. Children are precious and the natural environment one of our greatest treasures. By making the choice to support sustainable and ecological practices we are helping to nurture and build a safer and healthier world.

Organic cotton benefits:
  • Organic cotton isn’t created using chemicals, making it ideal for babies as they have highly sensitive skin, especially as a newborn

  • Organic cotton is more durable than regular cotton, a necessity for active little ones

  • Organic cotton is free from toxic dyes and fabric treatments

  • Producing organic cotton takes less water, fuel and energy to produce, lowering the carbon footprint of the product

Purebaby Why Choose Organic Cotton benefits

Which products from our collection use organic cotton clothing?

From our growsuits to our muslins and leggings, our organic cotton range is designed to be worn by your children during any adventure they take on. We use organic cotton in the majority of our product collection, including:

  • Growsuits, rompers, bodysuits and onesies

  • Tops, singlets and bottoms

  • Dresses

  • Jumpers, cardigans and knitwear

  • Jackets and coats

  • Blankets and wraps

  • Change mats

  • Bedding and sheet sets

  • Sleeping bags

Purebaby white pointelle growsuit, singlet bodysuit and hat with cotton plant

How to care for organic cotton baby clothing?

To keep your little one’s organic cotton baby clothes comfortable and clean, we recommend regularly washing them as needed:

  1. Stain removal:

    For lighter stains, start by using a damp soft cloth to dab at the area. For deeper, more stubborn stains, a mix of gentle detergent and water should help lift them.

  2. Washing:

    Organic cotton can be either hand washed using a gentle detergent, or machine washed on a ‘delicate’ or ‘gentle setting’ with cold water.

  3. Drying:

    Either flat-laying or hanging up on the clothesline to air dry is best for your little one’s organic baby clothes.

Learn more about organic cotton and sustainability at Purebaby now.

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