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Who Made My Baby Clothes?

4 min read | 02 September 2019

At Purebaby, we understand that transparency is key when choosing where to buy clothing for your baby or toddler. Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent or already have a growing family, it’s important to ask your favourite brands ‘who made my baby clothes’ to gain a better understanding of their fashion supply chain.

Where are Purebaby suppliers located?

We have close and long-standing relationships with just two suppliers in India and China, visiting them regularly and speaking with them on a weekly basis. We care about the health and safety, and treatment of the workers who make our products, and the effect we have on the environment around us. Through strong relationships and open communication, the teams at our suppliers become part of the extended Purebaby family, working with us collaboratively to improve manufacturing processes and to create the best quality product for Purebaby customers.

Meet the Purebaby suppliers

Vasanthavalli, Product Checking Coordinator

Meet Vasanthavalli, a checking coordinator, who has worked with our supplier in India for about 12 months. We asked her how she feels about working in the factory and she simply said “happy”. She lives in the local area, so it’s just a short 6km journey by bus, to and from work. We love the beautiful bright colours she and her colleagues wear each day.

Prabakaran, Product Quality Control

Meet Prabakaran, he works in quality control with our supplier in India, making sure that all aspects of the garments are made correctly. Here he is checking off the bodice pieces of a past winter dress collection. Prabakaran has worked with our supplier for 6 months, and travels to the factory on a motorbike.

GOTS certification & our suppliers

Purebaby's suppliers are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the leading standard for organic textiles. GOTS ensures that each supplier is independently audited annually to certify that the supplier is adhering to the GOTS standards. GOTS certification incorporates key environmental and social criteria, including waste, water usage and working conditions.

The suppliers we use provide a safe working environment for their staff, using GOTS-certified natural dyes on all our cotton yarns, free from hazardous chemicals for a safer, softer range. Staff are paid fairly for their time, and the GOTS framework sets out guidelines for working hours, ensuring everyone has time to rest and spend with their families.

Our products have been designed with quality in mind, and because we respect the time and effort that the team invest to make each special piece, it is our hope that they can be passed on to younger siblings, extended family and friends, so you can extend their useful life long after your children have grown out of them.

Read more about our Sustainability initiatives, including our materials, design process, packing and more now.

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