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Winter Essentials Checklist for Babies

8 min read | 30 April 2023

As the leaves start to fall and the days begin to shorten, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your little one warm during the winter months. From soft and snuggly coats to adorable mittens and hats, there’s nothing cuter than dressing your baby up in the perfect winter outfit.

But where to start? Here’s our guide to filling your little one’s wardrobe with all the winter clothing they need to stay cosy and comfortable.

1. Singlets & Bodysuits

Layering is the key to winter dressing, so filling your baby’s wardrobe with soft, breathable layering pieces is a must. Singlets and bodysuits made from soft and breathable organic cotton are great under everything from growsuits to jumpers, and can be worn alone when the weather warms up. We love all-in-one styles with snap buttons at the nappy, as they keep little tummies nice and warm and make nappy changes a breeze. Stock up on a combination of sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve styles for endless dressing options.

2. Growsuits

Growsuits with long sleeves and legs are the perfect winter pyjamas for babies, and are also great for playtime at home during the winter months. Look for growsuits and baby winter onesies with two-way zips for easy dressing (and for speedy nappy changes on those cold winter nights!). For extra warmth, layer a bodysuit underneath and pop a knit, jumper or jacket over the top when you’re heading out and about.

3. Jumpers & Cardigans

Little winter jumpers and cardigans are bound to be on high rotation when the weather cools down, and investing in a few different styles will mean you’ve got the right piece for every occasion. Sweats and windcheaters are ideal for casual occasions, while knitted styles work well for those times when a little more dressing up is required! For easy dressing, button or zip-up cardigans are great for little babies who often don’t like having clothing pulled over their heads. Fabrics such as organic cotton and wool will help keep your little one warm, while cold weather styles of jumpers and cardigans will have sweet winter details, like cabling, embroidery, faux shearling lining and cute prints that nod to the season.

Purebaby jumpers folded up

4. Leggings & Track Pants

Long pants are essential for dressing your little one in the cooler months, and we recommend stocking up on a combination of winter leggings and track pants. When buying leggings, look for styles with a little bit of added elastane for stretch – this will help them keep their shape wash after wash, and allows for extra room as your little one grows. For extra warmth opt for styles made from a blend of cotton and wool. When it comes to track pants, we love brushed fleece styles that are cosy and comfortable. Pair leggings and track pants with bodysuits, jumpers and cardigans for a cute winter outfit.

5. Coats & Jackets

A warm and protective outer layer is a must for your little one when heading outdoors in winter. When it comes to winter coats and jackets for babies, look for quilted or padded styles which are warm and comfortable. We love the versatility of reversible jackets and coats, which can be matched with different pieces in your baby’s wardrobe. Quilted vests can be layered over everything from a bodysuit to a chunky knit!

Jacket laying on ground

6. Hats & Beanies

Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, so it’s important to pop on a winter hat when heading out in cooler weather. Aside from being a cute finishing touch to any outfit, a beanie is a practical accessory that will help to keep your little one cosy and warm. Look for styles made from organic cotton with a touch of wool for extra warmth.

7. Socks & Booties

Socks and booties are another must-have winter accessory for babies and you can never have too many pairs! Socks are great for around the house and for heading out on milder days, while booties are ideal for keeping your baby’s feet nice and warm on those extra cold days. You can even layer booties over footed or footless growsuits. If your little one is on the move, opt for socks and booties with a printed grip on the bottom to help prevent slipping and sliding.

Booties lined up in different colours

8. Mittens

Baby mittens help to keep little hands toasty warm. Make it fun by choosing styles with cute prints and details that engage your little one. Mittens are perfect for newborns as they provide protection from little ones scratching their face.

9. Blankets

You can never have too many baby blankets in the winter months! They’re ideal for having on hand whenever you need an extra layer – whether it’s in the pram, in the car or at home. Look for high quality blankets made from organic cotton, which is breathable, durable and washes well.

10. Baby Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are designed to be used instead of top sheets, blankets and doonas to provide the ultimate comfort for your baby, and come in a variety of TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) ratings based on how much warmth they provide. When the temperature drops, it’s time for a sleeping bag with a higher TOG rating! We love our multi-TOG styles, which allow you to customise your sleeping bag as the temperature changes. Depending on the temperature of your baby’s room, you could opt for a sleeveless sleeping bag over a growsuit or long-sleeve bodysuit, or a long-sleeve sleeping bag for extra warmth.

Sleeping bag laying flat on ground

11. Humidifier

Winter air is dry and this is often exacerbated by some heating systems which remove even more moisture from the air. A humidifier in your baby’s room can help to add moisture back in, making it easier for your baby to breathe. It can also help to soothe dry skin in the winter.

12. Thermometer

It can be helpful to keep track of your baby's body temperature during the winter months so you know if they are getting too warm or cold at any given moment. Invest in a digital thermometer, which can help you monitor your little one’s temperature accurately.

13. Baby carrier

Baby carriers can be a great option for parents who want to keep their babies close and warm during the winter months. Look for carriers that are made of warm and breathable materials.

With the right essentials, it’s easy to keep your baby warm and comfortable throughout the cooler months. Stock up on winter essentials for your baby and discover our new Winter Wonderland collection online or in-store.

Download our printable version of our Winter Checklist here.

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