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Newborn Baby Clothing Checklist

9 min read | 16 November 2021

Purchasing items for a newborn can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to clothing with all of the choices and sweet options available! It’s easy to get lost in little onesies, cute prints and tiny trimmings.

A simple checklist of newborn baby essentials is a great way to get you started thinking about what your baby actually needs. We have created a newborn baby clothing checklist for your little one’s first wardrobe to guide you through the gorgeous world of dressing your baby in those first few months.

Download a printable version of our newborn wardrobe checklist here.

Let’s start with the essential pieces. These are your staple items that will be used every day, so be sure to have a couple of each handy.

  • 4-6x



The first place to start is always a singlet, as it is an essential piece when layering. Singlets can be worn all year round, day or night, so it’s important to have plenty of these in your baby’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re choosing rib singlets, singlet bodysuits with press studs or a combination of styles, our Essentials range has you covered. 

Your baby will likely live in growsuits for the first few months of their life. Two-way zips on your onesies are a must for easy changing, as are zip protectors to protect the most delicate of skin. With enclosed feet and fold-over mittens, our growsuits will keep your baby warm and comfortable. Choose from either our long sleeve or short sleeve growsuit options depending on the season. 

Our Sleepsuits are a growsuit alternative, we like to call them a nightie for newborns. Featuring an extra long body with an elasticated pouch for the easiest of changing! We recommend you have at least 2 of these in your newborn wardrobe rotation.

4 white Purebaby growsuits

Tops are great paired with leggings, shorts or a nappy pant, but a little less practical than a growsuit. Bodysuits are great for babies on the move as the snap closure will ensure nothing rides up.

We recommend two tops or bodysuits for when you want to put your little one in something dressier. Make sure you choose tops that do not have scratchy stitching and tags on the inside, which may irritate their delicate skin.

Soft cotton cardigans are an essential layering piece for a newborn, it’s a great idea to take one wherever you go! Place over growsuits and long-sleeved tops in the cooler months, or over a singlet or singlet bodysuit on cooler summer days. You may choose to purchase two plain cardigans for home, and two more dressy cardigans for taking baby out with you.

2 Purebaby baby knitted cardigans and bear rattle

To pair with your tops, bodysuits and cardigans, it is a great idea to have some leggings or pants handy to complete a dressier outfit.

  • 2x Jackets

It’s also practical to have both a heavier weight and a lightweight jacket to keep baby snug outdoors or when you leave the house. We have a range of jackets for baby girls and baby boys.

  • 3x Hats or Beanies

Hats are an essential item for babies, as they are born with an open fontanelle where heat can easily escape. The hospital will most likely require that you have a hat to take your baby home in.

Our Knot Hats are perfect for newborns as the knot is adjustable, meaning it can be used as baby grows. Beanies are a warmer option for cooler months.

4 Purebaby baby knot hats
  • 3x Pairs of Booties & Mittens

Booties and mittens are great if your growsuit or romper doesn’t have enclosed feet or built in mittens. Covering little hands and feet will not only keep your baby warm, but also prevent any scratching from their fingernails.

  • 2x Bibs

Bibs are often associated with a baby starting solids, however they’re great to use from birth to assist in wiping up any spills while feeding. Our Essentials Bibs are nice and long and have adjustable snap clips, plus the terry towelling back can be used as a makeshift face washer! 

  • 2x Dressy Outfits

No doubt you’ll be taking your new bundle of joy out and about to visit friends or family in those first few months, so you may like to consider have 2 dressier outfits in your newborn’s first wardrobe.

Purebaby baby knitted bear jumper, leggings, beanie and wooden rattle
  • 2x Muslin Wraps & Cocoon Wraps

An essential for swaddling, muslin wraps are light, breathable and have an array of uses! Designed for practicality and an alternative swaddling solution, cocoon wraps can be another choice.

  • 2x Blankets

Baby blankets are great for the sleep space, the pram or out and about. You may look to purchase both a lighter and heavier weight blanket for all year use.

2 Purebaby pom pom blankets hanging on wooden rail
  • 3x Hooded Towels

An essential item for baby bath time, it’s important to have 3 hooded towels! One in use, one in the wash and another away ready to use as backup.

  • 3x Cot or Bassinet Sheet Sets

Sheet sets that are soft and comfortable are essential for your little one’s sleep space.

Whichever you choose, cot or bassinet, make sure you follow the rule of three - one in use, one in the wash and one folded away ready for use!

  • 2x Soft Toys or Comforters

Bound to be a special keepsake for years to come, look to purchase 2 soft toys or comforters for your little one. Purebaby tip: ensure you have a backup of your little one’s favourite toy in case it is in the wash or misplaced! 

Purebaby baby soft toys
  • 1x Soft Hairbrush

Our baby hair brushes are great for brushing any baby hairs, loosening cradle cap or for a relaxing baby massage. 

When purchasing items for your baby’s first wardrobe, it’s important to consider the following:


Natural fabrics such as organic cotton are best for a newborn’s delicate skin, as they are breathable and prevent sweat from collecting on their skin. Items such as singlets, growsuits and rompers and more are in direct contact with a baby’s skin, so soft, natural fibres are the gentlest choice.

Here at Purebaby we use the softest organic cotton in our clothing and accessories, the best choice for your little one.


The largest proportion of babies are born between 3-4kg, which generally means a size 0000. Often we forget to purchase these smaller sizes for newborns, but a few 0000 onesies and bodysuits will most likely be needed.

Look to purchase items in a mix of 0000 and 000 sizes to ensure you’re covered for those first few months.

Quality and Longevity

The higher the quality of the baby clothing you purchase, the more likely you are to use it again if you decide to have another little one down the track.

Babies grow up fast, so purchase high-quality items in neutral colours to ensure that they can be reused or passed down to family and friends.

Make sure you enjoy the process of collecting lovely little items for your newborn. The lead up to birth is a very special time and collecting the perfect pieces is all part of it. Shop our full range of newborn baby essentials at Purebaby now.

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