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6 Wonderful Parenthood Podcasts

5 min read | 31 May 2020

Podcasts are not just reserved for those missing the downtime of their morning commute. They are a great source of online learning when you don’t have the time for face-to-face learning, or prefer being able to listen in your own time, at your own pace. Listen while you work, clean, cook and craft at home.

From birth and newborns to toddlers and self-care, our top 6 parenting podcasts are listed below.

1. Pure Parenthood

Pure Parenthood is Purebaby's podcast, designed to bring first time parents expert information and advice on a range of different parenting topics from industry leaders, within their areas of expertise.

We cover everything from introducing allergens to babies with Nourishing Bubs to introducing pets to your little one with Dr Katrina Warren. Pure Parenthood is hosted by Tiffaney Wells, Head Educator at Purebaby, as well as the mother to three. It's an excellent source for new parents as they begin their journey of parenthood!

Listen here.

2. Australian Birth Stories

Every new parent should tune into this one. No two birth experiences are ever the same and it’s great to understand the choices and possibilities straight from parents who have been there. Join Sophie Walker and her guests as they talk through their beautiful pregnancy and birthing experiences in weekly in one hour dedicated interview episodes.

Striking the perfect balance between informative and emotional stories, Sophie’s guests discuss their personal experiences with birth—everything from hypnobirthing, home births, dealing with loss, inductions, water births and more.

Listen here.

3. Pregnancy Podcast with Vanessa Merten

With over 300 episodes and counting, Vanessa Merten launched the Pregnancy Podcast after nine months of endless research, reading and analysis of everything she needed to know about having her first child. The Pregnancy Podcast provides listeners with evidence-based information, allowing them to make informed decisions for their own births.

Vanessa covers a wide variety of topics in her podcast, including what happens when you initially get pregnant, caring for yourself, how your partner can support you, postpartum care and much more.

Listen here.
Pregnancy Podcast Cover Image, Pregnant lady wearing headphones

4. Parental As Anything with Maggie Dent

One of Australia's favourite parenting authors, creator of popular books such as Girlhood, From Boys to Men, Nurturing Kids’ Hearts and Souls, and Mothering Our Boys, and educators Maggie Dent, gives you tips and answers to your real-world parenting dilemmas—screen time, tantrums, building resilience, homework and more. 

With a focus on practical solutions to common problems, Maggie isn’t afraid to dive into the problem headfirst in these short, snippet-like podcasts. Parental As Anything is a relatable, common sense guide on raising kids of all ages today, a must-listen for time-strapped parents who need real-world solutions.

Listen here.

5. Mindfully

This one is for parents navigating the world of working from home with kids. If you find yourself struggling to relax and claw back some ‘you time,’ Mindfully focusses each episode on mindfulness practice to assist you in daily life, particularly with a family. There’s even an episode on mindfulness for kids.

Compared to other podcasts on our list, Mindfully isn’t a true parenting podcast—you won’t find the host Brett Kirk, Sydney Swans legend, discussing birthing options or raising a little one. Instead, this podcast is a great way to further enhance your mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and relaxation skills, all of which any parent will benefit from.

Listen here.

6. Baby Talk with Penny Johnston

Hosted by Penny Johnston, Baby Talk is one of ABC’s top podcasts, covering everything parents need to know when they are expecting, preparing to give birth, raising children and much more. Released every week, Penny discusses a variety of hot topics, including object obsession in toddlers, having twins and being a grandparent.

The huge variety of content covered makes it the perfect easy listener when you’re doing chores around the house, heading to work or relaxing on your break.

Listen here.

If you have tuned into a baby, birth or parenting podcast that you have loved, be sure to let us know and we’ll add it to the list. For more helpful information on everything you need to know about having a baby, discover Purebaby’s Educational Webinars and the Pure Parenthood Podcast now.

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