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Bath Time Checklist

5 min read | 23 January 2020

Establishing a calm and consistent bedtime ritual is recommended by experts as one of the best ways to help your baby transition to sleep with ease.

Every child is different, so you will be the best ones to determine the ideal routine for your own child. However, remember that doing things in the same order and at the same time each night is key to establishing good sleeping habits. A bath is one good way to do this.

What to Prepare Before Your Baby’s Bath?

The last thing you will want to do after bathing your little one is trying to wrangle them while you try to find a clean towel. To ensure bath time goes smoothly, have the following items ready and on hand:

  • 3x Nappies (in case of any accidents)

  • 1x Change of clean clothes (such as a


    , singlet and leggings, or whatever they will be going to sleep in)

  • 2x Hooded


    (one extra in case of accidents)

  • 2x Muslin face washers (to dry off any parts the towel might of missed)

  • 1x Bath mitt (as an alternative to a face washer)

  • Mild, sensitive baby soap and shampoo

  • Nappy change cream and a bowl of warm water

  • Hairbrush to stimulate the baby's scalp (such as our

    goat’s hair brush


  • 1x Baby bathrobe (to keep them warm in between changing them into their clean clothes)

Every baby needs their very own towel, separate from the rest of the family. You will need a small sized towel for the first few weeks and another regular sized towel, as they grow bigger. Our hooded towels are great for easy wrapping and comfortable drying, while the built-in hood makes drying off their head quick and easy.

Purebaby hooded towel and baby hair brush laid out on striped blanket

What is a Safe Baby Bath Temperature?

When getting ready to bathe your baby, always fill the bath first; checking the temperature is comfortable for soft sensitive skin.

The recommended temperature for a full immersion bath is around 37 degrees for newborns, and 38 degrees for 3-month-olds and older. You can test the water temperature on your wrist or elbow to ensure that the temperature is comfortable. Alternatively, a bath thermometer can be used to accurately measure the water temperature.

Baby wearing no clothes holding its feet

How to Bathe a Baby

Bathing your newborn for the first time is an exciting time. Follow these steps on safely how to bathe your baby below:

  1. For a sponge bath, start by choosing a safe, flat surface such as a changing table or the floor, in a warm room.

  2. Fill a bowl or baby bath with 5cms of warm water. Be careful to check the water temperature, as water that is too hot may scold baby’s delicate skin, and too cold will lower their body temperature too much.

  3. Undress your baby and wrap them in a towel.

  4. It’s important to clean your little one’s eyes with a


     that’s been dampened with water, no soap. Gently wipe from the inner corner of one eye to the outer corner. Once finished, use a clean corner of the cloth to wash the other eye.

  5. Next, clean your baby's nose and ears with the damp washcloth. Before moving on, wet the cloth again and, use a little soap, if necessary, to gently wash his or her hair/face.

  6. Use the warm soapy water to gently wash the rest of your baby’s body, regularly wringing out the cloth to get rid of any dirt. Pay special attention to creases under the arms, behind the ears, around the neck, and in the genital area.

  7. Pat dry your baby to remove any water from their skin, and once finished, you can start dressing them in a onesie or other comfy outfit. Always be careful to support your baby's head and neck—cradling their crown when carrying them upright or laying them down.

Baby laying on blanket wrapped in Purebaby hooded towel

How often should I bathe baby?

Many people opt for sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off and the navel heals completely (around 1-4 weeks), this is personal preference. A bath 2-3 times a week in the first year is fine. In fact, more frequent cleaning may only serve to dry out their soft and sensitive skin.

How to entertain baby in the bath?

As your child grows older, activity and play are great tricks to keep your squirming little one distracted while you get the job of washing done. Common ways to keep your little one entertained and occupied in the bath while you clean them include:

  • Water books

  • Waterproof

  • Empty vessels from the kitchen cupboard (like clean plastic containers)

  • Singing to them

  • Using a mirror

These are great tools to keep your child entertained. Ensure you are always at arm's length and the water height is approximately 5cm deep for a baby up to 6 months old. A non-slip mat in the base of the bath is also a good idea for secure sitting.

Where should I bathe my baby?

In the first few weeks, you can wash your newborn in a small plastic bath, basin or sink. Once they start growing a bit bigger, a plastic baby bath might make it easier to wash them. There is no set time on when they can graduate to a full-size bath, just so long as you feel safe and comfortable with them in it.

Bathing rituals are precious moments together. Make the ritual fun and the soothing warmth of your touch will help forge a special bond that will only grow as your little one does. Explore our collection of baby bathtime essentials, including towels, bathrobes, brushes and more from Purebaby.

Download the printable version of our Bath Time Checklist here.

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