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How To Fold Baby Clothes

8 min read | 18 March 2024

Learn how to fold & store baby clothes with our quick guide. Save time & keep baby's wardrobe neat.

As cute and petite as they are, baby clothes should be a cinch to fold, right? Err, not so much. These tiny little garments can be tricky to keep tidy.

You might not have had a how to fold baby clothes tutorial on your to-do list, but after today, you’ll be glad you learned. Our guide can help you keep everything neat and organised for your little explorer — and your stress levels down — so you can spend less time rummaging through their drawers and more time creating memories with them.

What are the different folding methods for baby clothes?

The great thing about folding baby clothes is that there are so many ways to do it. So, if you don’t love a particular method, you can always try another. And depending on what you’re dealing with — socks, onesies or baby pants — you might even mix and match.

Wondering how to fold baby clothes? This parent-approved guide can get you started. Today, we’re reviewing the most popular methods, including rolling and hanging, plus how to fold onesies.

Rolling baby clothes

Imagine your baby clothes rolled up like adorable pieces of sushi, and you’ll get the vibe we’re going for. Thanks to their petite size, baby clothes are the ideal candidate for rolling. And it’s a major space saver as well. Check out these steps for rolling simple items like baby dresses and tees using a traditional method.

How to fold baby's clothes using the rolling method

  1. Lay the t-shirt down on a flat surface so it’s easier to work with.

  2. Create uniformity with the shirt by folding the sleeves into the body to make it rectangular. This works just as well for any other of your baby’s clothes.

  3. Starting from the bottom, slowly roll the t-shirt, aiming for just a few centimetres width in each roll.

  4. If the item is a bit larger, you can fold your rolled finish product in half and file it in the cupboard with the two loose ends facing down.

Folding baby clothes

There’s an art to learning to fold baby clothes, sure. But the biggest challenge most parents face is how to fold baby onesies. These steps taken from the Konmari method of folding can help you tackle the toughest (and cutest) garment, making the others a breeze to manage.

How to fold baby clothes correctly

Here is an example of how to easily fold baby clothes, using a onesie:

  1. Before folding onesies (or any other garment), lay them somewhere flat. Then, smooth out the material to get rid of any creases.

  2. Fold the item in half vertically so the two sleeves are lined up and touching.

  3. Fold the sleeves on top of the body and then fold it in half horizontally with the bottom and collar together.

  4. Fold it one more time horizontally into a compact rectangle and stack folded items on top of each other.

  5. Once your skills improve, use this method for folding baby clothes of all types. This method can also work for kids clothes, up to a certain size.

Hanging up baby clothes

Some baby clothes, like puffer vests and jackets, work best on coat hangers. Plus, organising your baby's closet brings other benefits like freeing up space in the drawers for the smaller items and being able to see what clothes they have without rummaging through everything, But like the other methods, there are steps to hanging up baby clothes that make it more efficient.

How to hang up baby clothes

  1. Check for hanging loops and if the clothing has a wider neck or design style that might cause it to slip off a hanger.

  2. Avoid hanging up things like baby sweaters and


    , as they can lose shape on a hanger. Fold and lay flat baby clothes like these and make use of this new folding technique.

  3. Put tees, tops, and baby dresses on hangers. Once they’re on, button up any buttons and zip any zips to keep the clothes on the hanger and the shape intact.

  4. Fold baby pants in half and lay them over the hanger.

  5. Consider arranging your hanging baby clothes by size and again by clothing type.

How to organise baby clothes once they're folded

Success! You’ve mastered how to fold baby clothes. Next, finding an organisation style that works. Some parents like to see their baby’s clothes laid out so they’re easy to choose from. Others don’t mind sorting through stacked or filed clothing to get what they need. Whichever you prefer, these tips can help you get organised and save space.

  • Do you prefer the stacked approach after folding baby clothes? Try compartments to keep everything separate so you can keep your little ones' pants, t-shirts, onesies, and other things together.

  • Stacking baby clothes on top of each other works best if you keep them with similar types. And if possible, a separate drawer or area for each. This makes it easier to sort through all your baby clothes when you're in a hurry.

  • As your new arrival grows out of smaller sizes and into bigger ones, put their old baby clothes into a clear tub or laundry basket that you keep nearby.

  • Remember that you sometimes need to move fast when changing a baby or toddler. Make sure you can safely reach baby clothes without too much searching so you can keep a close eye on your little explorer.

  • Seek out other ways to store clothes and save space, like over the door storage and baskets to organise baby accessories. You'll be surprised at how much more you can fit.

  • Do what works for you! We all have personal preferences when it comes to organising the nursery and baby's closet. However you end up organising and folding baby clothes, make sure the system works for you.

Your home for all things baby

Purebaby understands just how important all your baby clothes are and how much easier life can be when they feel organised. Using our tips, it's be easy to fold baby clothes and keep them in order, so you can spend more time loving your little one. Shop our range of baby clothing and accessories to discover what we're all about.

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