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What To Do With Old Baby Clothes?

6 min read | 17 September 2023

Parenthood is full of unknowns. But one thing you can be sure of is that your baby will grow out of their clothes — and fast.

When your little one gets too big for their favourite stuff, you might wonder what to do with old baby clothes. And in a world where fast fashion rules, upcycling, donating, or storing their clothing is a thoughtful and sustainable solution.

As a seemingly monumental task, there’s a lot to consider when sorting your baby’s wardrobe. Where to sell old baby clothes? Which ones should you hold onto? And how to organise old baby clothes in an orderly fashion?

Purebaby is here to answer all your questions and get your house in order. Plus, help find a home for your baby’s clothing that will love them as much as you did.

How to organise old baby clothes into groups

Whether they’re too small, out of style, or just not being worn anymore, there are plenty of reasons to cull your little one’s closet. But before we can figure out what to do with old baby clothes, we need to assess them.

The best method for how to organise old baby clothes is by sorting them into groups. To begin, you’ll want to create a pile for each:

  • Clothes that should be thrown out:

    This pile has seen better days, and its clothing can be used as cleaning rags, given to older kids for crafting or thrown in the bin.

  • Clothes that are slightly worn:

    Slightly damaged but salvageable clothes still have a place. You can fix them yourself or ask someone handy with a sewing machine.

  • Clothes in great shape:

    Free from holes, stains, and noticeable wear, these clothes only require a quick wash before you can move them onto their next home.

Once you sort the piles, you can think about their next destination.

Finding the best home for unwanted clothes

Where oh where can I take old baby clothes? What if I’m too scared to get rid of them and want to know how to store old baby clothes instead? As it turns out, there are plenty of good things you can do with your little one’s preloved items.

Creating keepsakes

Sentimentality is real. And if you’re sorting through baby clothes feeling teary-eyed, you might be asking should I keep my old baby clothes instead? Holding onto a few special pieces is always good, so choose the items that matter most.

Hold onto them for your next baby

Babies can be expensive. So, if you’re planning on having another, it’s nice to know you don’t have to buy a complete new set of clothes for them. The simplest way to store what’s no longer needed for your next child is to group them into sizes. Then, when your new arrival comes along, you can take out each size as they grow through them.

Gift them to another family

Giving your old baby clothes to a friend or family member is a nice gesture, and it saves them spending money on a whole new wardrobe. It’s a good idea to ask before gifting clothes, as some people prefer to buy them brand new.

Sell them for some extra money

When it comes to how to sell old baby clothes, the world is your oyster. Options like Facebook Marketplace, second-hand markets, and garage sales are great for selling baby clothing and earning some extra cash.

Donate to charity

Charities specifically seeking baby and kids clothing are a great place to rehome your items.

One such example is the Purebaby Pre-Loved Program. Our second-hand baby clothes program accepts donations of Purebaby clothing, passing them on to charity partners who help families in need. Plus, you receive a 10% same-day discount on full-priced purchases (excluding our Essentials range) when you donate.

Before you part with your baby’s clothes

Congrats! You’ve successfully cleared out your baby’s wardrobe and made room for new stuff. But whether donating, storing, or selling, keep these things in mind before you send their pre-loved clothing away.

  • Check any items — including pockets – to ensure you haven’t accidentally donated anything else.

  • Carefully consider the quality. Even though you might be planning to donate, clothing should be free from stains, tears, and holes, so make sure it’s in good condition. Charities may end up throwing away your donated baby clothing if it isn’t in good condition to pass on to someone else.

  • Wondering how to clean old baby clothes that have seen better days? A simple machine wash — or more powerful stain removal soak — should suffice. Those that still don’t come up to scratch could go to your daycare’s spare clothing stash. Read our full guide on

    how to wash baby clothes

    for more details

Make way for a new wardrobe

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