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Purebaby’s New Sleep Solutions

5 min read | 09 March 2021

Purebaby’s Sleep solutions range is recommended by Tara Mitchell, also known as The Gentle Sleep Specialist. Tara is a Paediatric Nurse, mother, and expert Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant.

Using gentle methods, Tara has transformed little ones' sleep and set them up with a lifelong of healthy sleep habits, allowing her to positively impact families around the world. Tara has become a trusted sleep expert to health professionals around Australia and worked closely with Paediatric medical experts including Paediatricians, Dietitian, Paed Surgeons, Sleep Physicians, Midwives and many more. Her knowledge and warmth around little one’s sleep means your children’s wellbeing is her greatest priority.

With Tara’s wealth of experience, she explains why she recommends the Purebaby Sleep Solutions range to her clients alike.

Our All-New Purebaby Sleep Solutions

Hello, Tara here from the Gentle Sleep Specialist. When I was first presented with the Sleep Solutions range, I was thrilled with the ability to combine practical sleep solutions with carefully thought out features that set them apart. In my line of work, safety in your little ones sleep setting is paramount. The Purebaby sleep range is all made from 100% organic cotton, which is soft and breathable, making it comfortable and safe when it comes to bedtime.

The Sleep Solutions range includes features such as zip openings at the hem and envelope necklines, which are carefully thought-out details to allow parents ease and practicality at sleep time. As you will also see the Comfort Suit Wrap, which is a new innovation, comes with a TOG rating, making determining dressing for different temperatures that much easier.

Purebaby Comfort Suit Wrap

If your little one settles better with their arms in, then the Cocoon Wrap has you covered. If your baby’s arms frequently make their way out of their swaddles, this cocoon style will keep your baby snug as a bug. This can be really useful for the first 3 months, particularly if your little one’s startle reflex is strong. However, some babies prefer their arms out, in this case the Comfort Suit Wrap and Sleepsuit Bundles are the options for you. While keeping them covered, you are still able to provide them with a snug feeling with the pouch feature.

We know how important sleep is for our little ones well being and Sleep Solutions is a range that has everything covered, but there is something else that is even more important, and that is creating a safe sleep space.

Important considerations when setting up your baby’s sleep space

The cot or bassinet should:

  • Have a firm mattress.

  • Remain clean and flat.

  • Be free of any other objects.

It is important to remember that things like a soft teddy, cot bumpers, doonas and pillows can be dangerous. We want to know at all points that our babies head and face are uncovered. With this in mind, beanies, bonnets and baby hats, although very cute are also not safe for sleep.

It is also important to keep your baby’s cot away from cords, power points, curtains and shelves above their cot. There are a number of baby products you might have that shouldn’t be considered safe for sleep. Before using products like nests, baby swings and co sleepers, I encourage you to check their compliance ratings and note that many products like these do not pass mandatory Australian standards.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your baby's sleep space at a comfortable temperature, being mindful of overheating. When putting your baby to sleep, always place them on their back, until they are rolling themselves. At this point, they can choose to position themselves onto their tummy and our job is then to keep their bed free of risks.

I know it can all be a little daunting, but education and implementation goes a long way to reduce these risks. Happy Sleeping!

- The Gentle Sleep Specialist

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