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Newborn Milestones

4 min read | 02 September 2019

Once your small bundle of joy comes home and the adrenalin of childbirth subsides, sleep deprivation is likely to be your new state of being. It’s tough when the realisation sets in that this tired fog is not transient—instead it’s your new view on the world.

As new parents, it’s difficult to let go of the need to control and relax the ‘too much to do mentality’. Remember to be kind to yourself and to sleep when your baby does. While we all wish we were superwoman, staying on top of the washing and making gourmet meals—which can be challenging at the best of times—it’s important to realise your new priority is learning what makes your baby work.

Purebaby table outlining newborn baby milestones

Each week spent with your little one will get easier. Take a moment and realise that everything difficult will pass. Be confident that you will learn how your baby works. Be assured they will love you unconditionally and know they will laugh about the ‘learning how to be a mum stories’ you tell them when they grow up. Newborn milestones are also new-parent milestones and finding out what makes the quirky balance of life that defines ‘family’.

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