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Christmas Gift Ideas For Babies

4 min read | 27 October 2020

Find out our Christmas gift ideas for babies from Purebaby. See which are the best Christmas presents for babies, newborns & infants, such as toys, books & more.

Gift-giving is one of the most cherished parts of the festive season. Sharing gifts that are both functional and beautiful is the perfect way to show the little ones (and their parents) in your life how much you care. It can also be tricky to know what to buy for Christmas for a baby, who may not be playing or interacting too much as yet.

To make it easier, we have compiled a list of what to buy a baby for Christmas. Over the years, these items have proven to be loved and appreciated by families and their little ones.

Baby gift items in gift box

1. Soft Toys

Unsettled babies love a little something soft and snuggly to soothe them. Purebaby has a wide range of soft toys and comforters, perfect for creating a calming space for them to relax in. Soft baby toys are a beautiful gift idea that often becomes a much-loved item by a baby. Over time, the familiar scent and texture of a soft toy can be a lifesaver for parents who are out and about with an unsettled little one. We suggest that parents buy a few of the same to keep their little one happy, in case one gets lost or damaged.

At Purebaby, we have a wide range of cute and cuddly toys for the lucky little one. Choose from classic animals including teddy bears, rabbits, and monkeys, or something more exotic like koalas, lions, giraffes, elephants and more. Whatever you choose, we’re sure the baby will love their new toy.

christmas collection accessories

2. Wooden Toys

Perfect on their own or included as part of a gift, wooden toys are a timeless option for those little hands.

Our wooden toy collection is crafted from antibacterial beechwood, making it both non-toxic and chemical-free. Discover wooden books, teethers, story cubes, rattles and more to keep them entertained.

Our collection of wooden teethers is a great option to help soothe babies (and parents). Like the rest of our wooden toys, they’re made from antibacterial beechwood, which won’t splinter or break no matter how much your little one chews on it. However, our beechwood is also soft enough to give your baby relief when they are teething. Find wooden teethers in a variety of styles, including teething rings and more.

3. Goats Hair Brush

Lovely and soft, a goat hair brush is a great bath-time addition to aid in sending a baby to sleep. The gentle softness of the brush, very delicately brushed over the baby's head and along their skin is a wonderful bonding activity that has the added benefit of soothing restless little ones.

Our goat hair brush is a classic gifting option. The handle is made from beechwood, which is safe for little mouths should they get a hold of it, while the soft goat hair is perfect for delicate skin and hair. Even better yet, the Purebaby Goat Hair Brush comes in a cute gift box, making it ready to give straight away.

4. Blankets

A beautiful baby blanket can become a sentimental item for a little one. The beloved ‘blanky’ has been known to stay with children well into toddler years. Our blankets are carefully designed to be beautiful and functional. They are very soft and are created from organic cotton to keep little ones warm and comfortable.

While baby will quickly fall in love with their new blanket, parents will also enjoy having another blanket in their rotation. Blankets are great for keeping baby wrapped up in the pram or car, on the ground as an impromptu play mat, or as a way to protect their little one from the elements.

5. Towels

A baby towel is an often overlooked item by new parents. With so many things to collect for a new baby, sometimes the most practical items are the most treasured. Our baby towels are crafted from 100% organic cotton, making them soft to the touch, even after multiple washes, and gentle on baby’s skin. They feature our signature appliques of gorgeous little animals, and a hood for helping to dry baby's head—all packaged up in a lovely gift box.

Towel robes

6. Books

Not only a great way to spend quality time bonding with a little one, but reading books to babies can help them with their social and emotional development. It also encourages them to interact with the story while also aiding in improving their language and recognition skills.

Giving a book as a gift will be cherished by both parents and baby—creating lifelong memories from the stories within them. At Purebaby, we have a curated collection of our favourite books for babies, including classics like The Hungry Caterpillar, and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes.

Baby gifts

7. Gift Cards

While not something the little one will get to enjoy right away, a gift card is an excellent option if you’re not quite sure what present to give. Let the parents make the decision on what they would find most useful for their baby with a Purebaby Gift Card.

Our gift vouchers can be used on anything online or in-store, including our clothing, accessories, toys and more. We also offer both physical and digital gift cards, so you can choose the perfect gift for the lucky recipient.

gift cards

How to Choose a Baby Christmas Gift

Whether it’s your first time buying a present for a baby, or you’re a seasoned gift-giver, here are a few of our favourite tips when choosing a Christmas gift for a baby:

  • Consider their age:

    Some gifts may be more or less appropriate depending on the age of the baby. It’s typically better to buy something that they will grow into and use for longer than something that they might only use for a shorter period of time.

  • What do they have already:

    You may or may not have an idea what clothing, toys or accessories the little one has already, which could influence what you give them. For example, maybe the parents need another baby blanket but have heaps of toys already. Don’t be afraid to ask for Christmas gift ideas from the parents—unless you want it to be a surprise!

    Whether it's your little one's first Christmas, or you're hunting for the perfect gift for another bundle of joy, Purebaby has a curated collection of

    baby Christmas gift ideas

    for your little one. There are so many more options available, so don't hesitate to

    visit a store

    and let our teams aid you in curating the perfect baby Christmas gift.

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