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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

8 min read | 31 October 2021

After the initial excitement of a friend or family member announcing they’re expecting a baby, thoughts quickly turn to what gift to buy them.

Whether they’re planning a baby shower with all the bells and whistles, or keeping things quiet and low-key, a thoughtful and useful baby present is something that new parents will cherish for years to come.

Aside from being a great chance to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby (and catch up with the parents-to-be before they get swept up in the world of parenthood!), a baby shower is an excellent opportunity to help them get some of the things they need for their new bundle of joy. While some parents are happy for their guests to surprise them with a gift for their baby shower, others prefer to organise a gift registry to help ensure they only receive things they need and will use. But there’s no rule that says you have to purchase from a gift registry, if there is one.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

From the most adorable clothing to books they’ll cherish for years, here are a few of the baby shower gifts we love giving to expecting parents.

1. Baby clothing

Babies grow a lot in the first 12 months and they need lots of clothes, so clothing is always useful for new parents. Whether you opt for practical basics like baby growsuits, bodysuits or leggings, or special pieces they may not buy for themselves, always look for quality, sustainably-made clothes that look good and will wash well.

From the most adorable clothing to books they’ll cherish for years, here are a few of the baby shower gifts we love giving to expecting parents.

2. Baby blankets

Blankets make for great gifts as they’re functional for years, especially if they’re good quality. They can be used in bassinets or cots, in prams or on the floor at playtime, and can also be a great source of comfort for babies as they grow. Look for soft fabrics that are gentle on baby’s skin, as well as ones that can be thrown in the washing machine.

3. Sleeping bags, swaddles & wraps.

New babies spend a lot of time sleeping (or so we hope!), so anything that’s useful at bedtime makes for a great gift. Cocoon wraps, muslin wraps and sleeping bags all help to keep little ones cosy and safe in their cot or bassinet, and often come in a range of adorable colours, patterns and prints.

4. Baby toys

Playtime is an important part of every baby’s development, so stimulating and entertaining baby toys are always well received by new parents. Stackers, blocks and rattles all help develop fine motor skills, while soft toys and tactile comforters provide babies with a sense of security and safety. When buying baby toys, always look for items made from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials.

5. Baby books

Help parents-to-be start their own library by buying them some great children’s books. A sweet and sentimental idea is to gift them the books you loved as a child. Add a personal message to the front of the book so that they think of you whenever they read to their little one.

6. Baby bath and care

Practical and useful, baby bath products are often overlooked when shopping for baby shower gifts. Beautiful creams and lotions specially designed for babies’ delicate skin are very helpful for parents to have on hand. Create a little baby care kit by packaging up a baby shampoo, baby body lotion and nappy change cream with a gorgeous hair brush.

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5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

If you’ve decided to choose your own thoughtful and unique gift for an upcoming baby shower, these tips should help you find the perfect present.

  1. Think about the parents’ interests and style:

    What do they enjoy doing? What’s their personal style? Do they love bright patterns and bold colours, or do they prefer a more minimal style? Do they have any hobbies, like sport, music or reading? Are they eco-conscious? The personality of the parents-to-be can often spark a great idea about a gift for their new baby.

  2. Use the baby gift registry for ideas:

    If there’s a registry set up for the baby shower, look at it to get some ideas for what the parents might need. The gift registry may also give you a hint as to the style and colour palette they’ve selected for the baby’s nursery, which can help when buying clothes and accessories.

  3. Functionality is key:

    Practical items that help new parents are always well received – they love things they can get lots of use out of regularly, and for as long as possible.

  4. Consider the product’s life cycle:

    With babies needing so many clothes and accessories (not to mention all the gear!), it’s worth thinking about how long the gift you’re giving will be able to be used. If the item is good quality, it may be able to be handed down to someone else once the baby grows out of it. Some items, like blankets and play mats, can be used from when the child is a newborn right through to a toddler. Look for things that are well made from good materials, that will withstand general wear and tear and last the test of time.

  5. If in doubt, keep it neutral:

    Baby products are becoming less gendered these days, with many items available in a range of unisex prints and colours. If you’re not sure whether they’re having a boy or a girl, gifts in shades of yellow, green, brown and grey make for gorgeous gender-neutral presents.

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