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Unisex & Gender Neutral Baby Gift Ideas

7 min read | 26 March 2023

When it comes to celebrating the arrival of a new baby, more and more people are opting for unisex baby gifts over traditional, gender-specific items.

There are several reasons why unisex baby gifts are great idea:
  • They’re


    , so they’re perfect for any baby. This is especially important if the parents have decided not to find out or share the gender of the baby, or if the baby has a gender-neutral name.

  • They’re


    and can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a soft and cosy


    can be used as a play mat, comforter or swaddle, or a teether can be used to soothe sore gums during teething and as a sensory toy.

  • They’re


    and useful for parents, who so often receive many gender-specific gifts that may not be useful or align with their style of parenting. By opting for something gender-neutral, you can ensure the parents-to-be will appreciate and use the gift.

  • They’re


    and tend to have a longer lifespan, as they can be reused for future babies or passed on to friends or family members’ children, regardless of gender. This is a great way to promote sustainability and reduce waste.

  • They’re


    , as gender-neutral gifts tend to break down stereotypes and are suitable for everyone.

With so many baby products available, buying an adorable yet practical gender-neutral baby gift can be both fun and overwhelming. Here’s our list of the top unisex baby gift ideas to help make finding the perfect present that little bit easier.

1. Blankets & Swaddles

A cosy blanket or a soft swaddle in gorgeous neutral tones makes a great gift for any baby, as they’re practical, versatile and are often able to be used and treasured by parents for a long time. Opt for blankets and swaddles made from organic fibres like cotton or bamboo – not only are they gentle on a baby’s delicate skin, they also wash and dry well.

Green and neutral blankets hanging

2. Teethers

Teethers are another great gift idea for babies, as they help soothe sore gums during the teething and can also be used as a fun sensory toy. Choose from a range of teething toys made from non-toxic materials such as silicone or wood. Look for teethers with varying textures and shapes to provide different levels of stimulation for babies.

Teether on playmat

3. Unisex Baby Clothing

Babies grow quickly, and parents can never have too many clothes for their little ones. Look for unisex baby clothing and essentials – think growsuits, jumpers, leggings, rompers and sleepwear in neutral tones like beige, brown, white and grey, or shades of yellow, orange and green. Opt for baby clothing made from soft, breathable materials like organic cotton, wool or bamboo for comfort and durability. 

Purebaby tip: When in doubt, size up! Bigger items will always come in handy down the track and can often be worn by the little one for longer.

Gender neutral outfit

4. Books

Introducing babies to books at an early age can help foster a love of reading and stimulate their imagination. From board books that are easy for little hands to hold to interactive flap books, there are so many wonderful baby books to choose from. Having trouble deciding? Pick books with colourful, high-contrast pictures and simple stories that are engaging and easy to follow. Or why not gift your favourite childhood books? Write a short message to baby inside the front cover for an extra special and personalised touch.

5. Soft Toys

Soft, cuddly baby toys in gender-neutral shades are a timeless unisex gift for new babies. Little ones love playing with them, and as they get older the toys often become a source of comfort as they go through changes. Stuffed animals and fabric comforters made from soft and safe materials are perfect for babies to cuddle and play with.

6. Bath Time Gifts

Many babies love having a bath, so giving a gift that they can enjoy during bathtime is bound to be a winner. There are lots of great unisex bath time gifts to choose from, including hooded towels, face washers, bath mitts and bathrobes, as well as bath toys and baby toiletry gift sets. Bathtime gifts are often overlooked but are one of the most practical and adorable gifts new parents can receive.

Bunny and Bear Bath Towels

7. Gift Card

If you’re really not sure what to buy, or if the parents-to-be already have most of the things they need for their new arrival, why not surprise them with a Purebaby gift card? There will no doubt be something they’ve forgotten to buy, or something they need down the track, and a gift card will always come in handy.

Gender neutral gifts for babies are becoming increasingly popular with both parents and gift givers – they’re versatile, practical, sustainable and inclusive, making them the perfect for parents who don’t yet know the gender of their baby, would like something that can be kept and passed down to future children, or would simply prefer something unisex. Shop our full collection of unisex and gender-neutral gifts at Purebaby now.

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