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What Are The Benefits Of Baby Massage?

4 min read | 12 June 2020

There are many techniques that can assist in boosting your little one’s health, encouraging them to sleep better, soothe quicker and to stimulate muscle coordination and circulation, all of which are vital for healthy growth.

Baby massage is a technique which is rapidly increasing in popularity due to the growing list of discovered benefits for newborns (and parents). Baby massage for sleep is just one of the many benefits, but usually tops the list for new parents wanting to learn how to soothe their little one before bedtime.

Read on to learn more about baby massage benefits.

1. Bonding

Baby massage is as beneficial for parents as it is for their little ones, baby massage can assist in strengthening the parent-baby bond by creating a calmer environment in which to enjoy activities such as skin-on-skin and feeding.

Research has shown that in households where baby massage is performed, there has been a reduction in overall stress levels among all household members, enabling a calmer environment.

Baby Back Massage

2. Skin development and soothing

If performed with gentle, natural oils, baby massage can assist in reducing the discomfort associated with eczema and other skin conditions. The increased moisture and boost to the lymphatic system is beneficial in reducing itchiness and inflammation.

Natural oils used on a baby’s skin can also assist in promoting healthy development and maturation of the skin cells, particularly once the vernix has worn off after birth.

3. Sleep and settling

The increase in serotonin and decrease in cortisol that happens due to baby massage contribute to improved sleep patterns and a longer, more settled sleep.

Dopamine levels also improve during and after baby massage, which are believed to play an important role in your little one’s mood. A calmer baby is generally a more settled baby, assisting in the soothing and sleeping process.

Baby Foot Massage

4Overall health and wellbeing

Baby massage can assist to stimulate the metabolism, and aid in the development of muscle coordination and flexibility, which are important for hitting milestones like rolling and grabbing.

Massage can also relieve sinus and chest congestion, as well as improving conditions such as colic, reflux and constipation, due to the elimination of waste from the body that can follow a massage.

Tips to consider before performing baby massage:
  • Try a small session of mindfulness or self-calming to ensure that you yourself are calm prior to commencing the massage.

  • Ensure your environment is warm and make sure you cover areas of your baby’s body that you are not massaging at the time.

  • Warm your baby oil in your hands before you begin.

  • Start with gentle strokes to ensure your baby is not startled by the massage.

Baby Leg Massage

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