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How to Choose a Baby Growsuit & Onesie

7 min read | 02 September 2019

Learn more about growsuits and onesies, a year-round baby clothing essential that your little will play, roll, eat and develop in.

The art of dressing your sweet, squirming new bundle of joy is a skill most new parents find challenging when first handed their child. How to manage little hands and arms making it into tiny sleeves, the best technique to wrangle chubby knees and feet into the legs of miniature clothes and what press studs should look like when they are actually lined up correctly, are lessons quickly learnt through tired eyes. The perfect piece of clothing that equips your little one for day or night is the growsuit.

What is a Baby Growsuit or Onesie?

A onesie, also known as a growsuit, is an all in one suit—beautiful and functional, which celebrates the simple art of easy, comfortable dressing.

  • A double way zip for easy dressing and changing

  • Zip cover panel to protect soft skin from catching

  • Long sleeve style with optional fold over mittens

  • Covered feet for cosy comfort

  • No fiddly buttons or press-studs

  • Made from soft organic cotton which allows new skin to breath

A growsuit forms the basis of an essential wardrobe for your little one. All our growsuits for baby girls and baby boys are designed for easy dressing of a newborn. Made from 100% organic cotton, this adaptable basic can also be layered with a variety of baby clothing for additional warmth.

What is the difference between a growsuit and a bodysuit?

Image of a Growsuit and bodysuit next to each other
While quite similar in appearance, growsuits and bodysuits have a few different features:
  • Entry:

    Growsuits typically feature a long zip from neck to foot, allowing you to easily slip your little one into the onesie. Bodysuits on the other hand use snap clips or buttons around baby’s bottom to make changing nappies quick and easy.

  • Coverage:

     Growsuits and onesies are designed to cover more of baby’s legs compared to bodysuits, which instead have no legs and are designed to cover the nappy area. However, both growsuits and bodysuits can come in sleeveless, long-arm and short-arm versions.

What are the different types of growsuits?

Three Growsuit styles lined up next to each other

When it comes to growsuits and onesies, there are a few different types you’ll find when looking to buy some for your baby:

  • Full-length:

    Covering baby completely with long-sleeves and full-length legs, these growsuits are great for layering in the cooler months. Most full-length growsuits typically feature in-built feel and optional turn-over mittens for extra warmth.

  • Short:

    Better suited to warmer months, short growsuits feature short sleeves and short legs, similar to if a t-shirt and pair of shorts were combined.

  • Quilted & cold weather:

    When the temperature really drops or you're looking for a full-length layer for your baby, a quilted or cold weather growsuit is the answer. These are typically made from quilted cotton, Merino wool or polyester.

How to fit a baby growsuit or onesie:

  1. Check the length of the growsuit by laying it underneath your baby.

  2. Ensure that the legs are not too tight and that there is some room for baby to grow into the onesie.

  3. Check that the neck isn't pulling down, as this indicates that the length is too short.

  4. Ensure that it is easy to open and close around your baby's legs

Purebaby How to Fit a Baby Growsuit or Onesie checklist

To ensure your little one can’t wriggle out of their clothes, always select a size that allows for a firm fit. As babies grow so quickly, often age is not the best indicator of size, therefore our size charts include a weight and height guide to help you choose the perfect fit.

What to layer with a growsuit?

To keep your baby warm, there are a few different clothing options to layer underneath or over a growsuit:

  • Layering under a growsuit:

    Look for thin, light layers to put on your baby before putting on their growsuit.


    are the most popular option, but a basic t-shirt can also be used. Always make sure that if you layer under a growsuit, baby doesn’t get too hot. Read our

    How to Layer Your Baby for Winter

    blog for more information.

  • Layering over a growsuit:

    Since they are wearing this over a growsuit, these layers can be thicker and provide more warmth. Baby sleeping bags, knitwear,


    and cardigans are all great options.

How to clean a growsuit or onesie?

While you can hand wash in cold water, you can also use the washing machine to clean our growsuits and onesies.

  1. Remove any stains using water to spot clean before putting in the washing machine. However, do not bleach the growsuit to remove stains.

  2. Wash the growsuit in the washing machine on a gentle cold wash with similar colours. Do not use hot water or soak the garments beforehand. It’s also not advised to use fabric softeners as they may irritate your baby’s skin.

  3. Once the wash cycle is complete, line dry out of direct sunlight. If choosing to tumble dry, use a low heat setting.

  4. If needed, you can also warm iron our growsuits, just don’t iron any prints, embroidery or trim.

Build your babies perfect adaptable wardrobe and shop our essential growsuits and onesies.

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