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How to Dress a Toddler for Summer

5 min read | 21 August 2023

The sun is out, so naturally, your little explorer wants to be. But before heading off on the day’s adventure, there are some things to know about how to dress a toddler in summer.

Unlike babies — who need a bit more rugging up and protecting — your toddler is pretty active. And because their skin isn’t quite so delicate, their wardrobe requirements change.

Whether you’re wondering how to dress your toddler for sleep in summer or what they should wear on their next outing, Purebaby can help.

Keep these things in mind as the weather warms up, and your little one heads out to play.

Six tips on how to dress your little ones for summer

While it’s lovely to feel the sun shining, too much exposure isn’t ideal. On the sensitive skin of our little ones, the right clothes — and these tips — can help protect them.

1. Be sun safe

While their skin might not be as sensitive as when they were a baby, it’s just as important to keep them protected from the harsh summer sun:

  • A toddler-safe sunscreen:

    Loads of kid-friendly sunscreens are available today, so choose one that suits your little one’s skin.

  • A water bottle:

    Remembering to stay hydrated is much easier when you have your own bottle.

  • A hat:

    Broad brim sun hats

    offer full protection against the sun, and legionnaires caps are ideal for active explorers and swimmers. Choose hats with adjustable toggles to keep them in place.

  • Sunglasses

    : The stylish form of sun protection. Toddler-sized sunnies stay put on little heads, even as they run amok.

2. Dress for the day

Toddlers usually have an active social calendar. So, an idea of the day ahead can help you plan the most suitable toddler summer clothes.

  • Cooling down in the air conditioning? Dress comfortably and bring a light cardigan or


    in case it gets too chilly.

  • Days spent outdoors require further planning. Consider your activities, sun protection requirements, and how to keep them comfy.

  • Notorious for spills, toddlers should always travel with a change of clothes in case they get into too much fun.

3. Start with staples

Some basics in the summer wardrobe will ensure your explorer is ready for anything. Start with a few t-shirts, some singlets, and cooler, breathable long-sleeve tops and pants. Then, you can mix and match to suit whatever you have planned — and the weather forecast — for the day.

Wondering how to dress a toddler for daycare in summer? Now isn’t the time for their finest clothes. Instead, comfortable, relaxed, well-worn options are the way to go. There’s a good chance they’ll only get messy.

4. Ready set action

Toddlers are a busy bunch. Their clothes should help them move freely. When it heats up, you want outfits that aren’t too hot or restrictive. Shorts and t-shirts are a classic favourite, or overalls for a cuter spin on summer, all of which have been crafted from 100% organic cotton for breathability and comfort.

5. Stepping out

Clothes aren’t the only thing to consider in summer — shoes also matter. And the best summer shoes for a toddler depend on the day. Strappy sandals are the perfect pick for a friend’s birthday party. Joggers are ideal for bush exploring and long walks. Gumboots for those odd rainy summer days.

6. Sleep tight

Wondering how to keep a toddler cool in summer at night? That depends on their sleep setup. A simple room thermometer can help you track the temperature so you can dress them accordingly.

A summer sleep suit for your toddler covers all the bases, including air-conditioned bedrooms. For simplicity, a short sleeve summer PJ set is a cute choice. As with daytime dressing, breathability and comfort are key.

Working on your family summer wardrobe?

Summer calls for blue skies, sunny days, and swims. Keep your toddler happy with clothes that let them soak up every minute and moment. Shop the summer toddler clothing range at Purebaby to see what’s new.

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