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What To Look For When Choosing A Baby Gift?

5 min read | 08 October 2023

Babies are adorable things, and any chance we get to celebrate them, we should.

But if you’ve never chosen a baby present before or are wondering what makes a good baby gift, it can be an overwhelming experience. Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, or something altogether different you’re shopping for, there are many variables to consider

To help, we’ve created this simple guide to choosing a baby gift. With everything considered, including age appropriateness, baby-safe materials, hampers, and gift cards, you’re guaranteed the perfect pick for the little one in your life.

Think about age-appropriate giving

At first glance, all babies might seem the same. But if you’re wondering how to choose a good baby gift, the key is finding one appropriate for their age.

Newborns are less likely to play, so swaddles and wraps, soft toys, and onesies might be best. On the other hand, 12-month-old children love nothing more than wooden toys and books, so gifts can be a little more fun.

Likewise, choosing baby clothes that are appropriately sized is key. You’ll want outfits they can grow into soon rather than ones they’re ready to grow out of. But be mindful that baby clothing sizes can sometimes differ drastically from brand to brand.

Get specific with the giftee’s age (and pant size), and let that guide you towards the best option.

Shop haves vs needs

When considering what is important for a baby gift, it pays to pick up on hints from the parents. Did they mention something their baby needs? Have they told you they already have too much of something, or do they seem to have it all?

Babies require a lot of stuff, so it can be helpful to choose practical gifts that will be useful as they grow. If you’re still not sure, skip the guesswork and ask the parents if there’s anything they’re hoping for.

Choose baby safe materials

What makes a good baby gift? One they can actually enjoy. And you can’t go wrong when you choose baby-friendly materials.

Safe and gentle toys, clothing, and accessories are ideal for making babies and parents happy. Some favourites include wooden toys, organic cotton clothing, and natural rubber latex pacifiers.

Sensory-friendly gifts are another excellent choice and perfect for newborns through to toddlers. Purebaby has a beautiful selection, including sensory mats, books, and cubes, to keep little hands entertained.

Shop for occasion

Sometimes, it’s best to let the occasion guide you when choosing a baby gift. Baby showers are the ideal time to help parents collect everything they’ll need to nurture their new arrival, while Christmas and birthdays are a great time to give something fun.

Create a gift hamper

Wondering what to gift on a baby shower? With so much wonderful baby gear to choose from, a hamper is a fantastic way to bundle up your favourite finds.

So, what are good baby gifts to put in a hamper? Smaller items like bibs, books, wraps, and soft toys are a great place to start. Better still, ask other guests if they want to contribute to the hamper and make it a standout gift at the baby shower.

Still feeling stuck?

A gift card is the perfect present when you’re unsure what to get. And they’re a great way to ensure the parents can tick other items off their list.

Wondering how much to spend on a baby shower gift card? Purebaby offers gift cards ranging from $25 to $500, so whatever you’re comfortable with is best. And for those shopping on a budget, Purebaby has a selection of gorgeous gifts for under $25 to make any baby happy.

Gifts that every baby (and parents) will love

Take the stress out of finding a present and shop online for beautiful gifts that babies — and their parents — are sure to love.

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